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Staffordshire council teams up with trainer to tackle irresponsible dog owners

Dog behaviour specialist Let’s Talk Dog has teamed up with Cannock Chase Council to tackle irresponsible pet ownership across the district. 

Let’s Talk Dog will be hosting two training and behaviour sessions in March, which will focus on helping owners avoid potential behaviour issues and modify problem behaviour using simple, kind, reward-based methods. 

The campaign will focus on four areas including nuisance dogs, uncontrolled dogs, animal welfare, and potentially aggressive dogs. 

Councillor Andrea Muckley, Portfolio Leader for Environment and Climate Change, said: “This funding will enable us to utilise the expertise of Let’s Dog Talk to educate pet owners about how to be a responsible dog owner, provide tips on how to modify your dog’s problem behaviour as well as generally encouraging owners to take good care of humankind’s best friend.” 

In addition, a series of short videos have been produced for each of these themes which provide useful tips, as well as highlighting the responsibilities of dog owners. 

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