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South Wales doggy daycare unveils expansion plans

Dog Adventure Land, an outdoor doggy daycare centre that operates across the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, is hoping to expand its services by repurposing a site in Rhoose.

The company is set to request planning permission for the site which would enable it to become the first business in South Wales to offer a one-stop-shop, including a dog grooming salon, boarding facilities, daycare facilities, training solutions, and access to a behaviourist and hydrotherapy.

In addition, the site plans include a shop for dog accessories and merchandise.

The new site will also feature an area of wildflowers to encourage biodiversity, but also support dogs with visual stimulation.

Sean Mayor, owner of Dog Adventure Land, said: “We are extremely excited to be submitting plans to provide dogs in the local area with all the support they need to thrive from just one site.”

He added: “The new site will create an additional 15-20 jobs within the Vale of Glamorgan, providing opportunities for the team to be trained in specialist areas such as dog grooming, as well as allow us to cater for up to 120 dogs per day across all of our services.”

Since setting up the business in 2021, Dog Adventure Land has grown by 1,000%, supporting more than 10 times as many dogs as it initially started with. It currently has a waiting list of around 50 dogs with 120 also awaiting assessments.

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