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Second dog exercise field to open in Norfolk village

A new secure dog park is set to open in Martham, Norfolk, after plans were given the green light.

Lucinda Scott, Manager of Martham Paw Ground, is to open a second dog exercise and training area in a field on Grange Farm off Common Road in Martham.

Planners said the application would provide the potential to alleviate some of the pressures on the Winterton dunes by directing local dog walkers to this site.

The new park will include a 2m high fence around the perimeter, as well as an access track and parking area with four spaces.

The site, which will be used by a maximum of four dogs at any one time, has the proposed operating hours of 5am to 9.30pm. No external lighting was proposed as part of the application.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council received more than 60 responses supporting the application.

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