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RSPCA raises concerns about US dog trainer’s UK visit

The RSPCA has raised concerns about controversial dog trainer ‘The Dog Daddy’ who is holding workshops in London this weekend (9-10 September 2023).

Augusto Deoliveira – who is known as ‘The Dog Daddy’ on social media – reportedly uses aversive training techniques and equipment designed to cause pain and fear in dogs.

His social media channels advertise that he is holding workshops in London on Saturday and Sunday (9 and 10 September), however venues have not been confirmed, according to the RSPCA.

Posts on Instagram suggest only spectator (without dog) tickets remain for the events – and the RSPCA says it is concerned that the sessions will spread training techniques which risk compromising dog welfare.

Esme Wheeler, RSPCA dog welfare expert, said: “The RSPCA has received concerns about training techniques used by The Dog Daddy, who is based in the USA and is due to visit the UK in September.

“We, like many organisations, have significant concerns about the use of aversive training techniques and equipment e.g. prong collars, which are designed to cause pain and fear. These can compromise welfare and are completely unnecessary.

“We have written to Mr Deoliveira and raised our concerns with him and have also made him aware of the legislation in both England and Wales of which he must comply with when training dogs.”

Responding to the RSPCA claims, The Dog Daddy business told The Canine Times: “The RSPCA’s response seems to have been influenced by false reports and pressure from competitors who lack firsthand knowledge or understanding of my methods and the training I provide to my clients, rescues, and shelters.

“Rather than engaging in a constructive dialogue, the RSPCA has chosen to spread unfounded lies and misinformation about me and my work. “

The statement added: “The tools I employ, often labelled as ‘aversive’ by the RSPCA, are not intended to inflict pain or fear upon dogs, as they erroneously claim. On the contrary, these tools serve as effective communication aids that naturally resonate with dogs when used correctly, without any possibility of harm or discomfort.

“Contrary to the RSPCA’s assertions, they have never directly reached out to me, despite their claims. I would have gladly engaged in a respectful and productive dialogue had they expressed a genuine interest in understanding my perspective and methods.”

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