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Project Harmless tackles poo bag problem

An Edinburgh-based start-up is tackling the issue of poo bag pollution with the launch of a water-reactive, non-toxic, and microplastics-free alternative.

The ‘Harmless Poop Bag’ from Project Harmless rapidly disintegrates in seas and oceans, so won’t ensnare marine life. If digested, the non-toxic and micro-plastic free material will safely pass through the systems of marine animals and won’t endanger the animal or human food chain.

George Greer, Managing Director for Project Harmless, said: “On a tour of the Highlands, my partner and I stopped in Loch Long to walk our dog, Noah, but were immediately shocked to see a significant amount of debris and plastic bags washed on shore.

“It appears, like many locations worldwide, this shore was a deposit point for the local tidal waves. It struck us just how much harmful plastic is in our waters and got us thinking of how we could make a difference.”

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