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Tangle launches sustainable dog bowls

Sustainable dog brand Tangle has launched a dog bowl made out of end-of-life fishing nets.

The Tangle Dog Bowl is lightweight, durable, and sustainable. The medium-sized teal marble effect bowls, which show the natural colour of the recycled fishing nets that it’s made from, are ideal for water or kibble and the thick non-slip ring around the base of the bowl makes for a mess-free mealtime.

Xavier Warburton, Co-Founder of Tangle, said: “These awful ghost nets make up nearly half of all ocean plastics, and our precious marine life is being needlessly killed because of these floating death traps. By creating our beautifully made dog products from recycled nets, Tangle’s helping animal lovers save marine life in the oceans, we’re now on track to stop 526 tennis courts worth of fishing nets becoming ghost nets this year.”

The brand has also joined forces with Ghost Fishing UK, a charity dedicated to removing abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear from UK waters.

Warburton added: “We’re really glad that each product sold supports such a brilliant charity. The guys over at Ghost Fishing UK work tirelessly to make sure that these silent killers are out of our oceans, we want to do anything we can to help.”

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