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Postal workers call for tougher dog controls

Postal workers are urging the next government to toughen up dog control laws as new data reveals a 15% increase in the number of Royal Mail workers attacked by dogs in the past financial year.

The Royal Mail data reveals 2,206 of its workers were attacked by dogs in the past financial year and some of these attacks left the postal workers with permanent and disabling injuries.

Dave Joyce, Communication Workers Union National Sealth and Safety Officer, told The Morning Star: “The incoming new UK government needs to prioritise firm action on dog control or continue to face a rapidly growing explosion in deaths and injuries.

“The CWU has called on all political parties that whoever forms the next government following the 4 July general election needs to take firm action on dog control law and police enforcement, plus the courts need to hand down effective sentences which are within their power but not utilised.”

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