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Plans to convert agricultural land to dog walking field lodged in Cumbria

A planning application to convert farmland into a dog walking field has been submitted to Westmorland and Furness Council, Cumbria.

Wellfield Farm is seeking to change the use of agricultural land for a secure dog walking enclosure in Kirkby Stephen, to help the business diversify its operations and increase its revenue while providing a space for dog owners to walk their dogs.

The area proposed for change comprises a 1.5-acre corner of the field, which will include a small parking area for 2 cars plus a suitable turning area.

The plans include the erection of a 6ft dog stock fencing, the installation of a new gate, and a small type of rain shelter or moveable trailer on wheels to provide rain shelter and a storage area for agility equipment.

The application read: “The field will provide a safe enclosed space for dog owners to let off their dog securely.

“This is especially important in an agricultural area to discourage owners from letting their dogs off lead in fields that have livestock in them.”

It added: “Creating a dog walking field allows the farm business to diversify in order to continue operating the rest of the farm and will contribute significantly to farm revenues.

The revenue from the dog walking field will also support our wildlife activities across the wider farm, involving planting more trees and hedging also increasing wildlife habitats.”


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  • Nigel LANE

    I love this idea of changing the used of farm land to a doggy walking area etc. In my opinion farmers need to diversify far more than they are doing. Where i live loads of farm land is no longer used for farming the farmer has gone and the landowner has taken over. The landowner just wants to keep the land until someone pays him enough money to sell it

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