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Doggy daycare opens in Cumbria

A new doggy daycare centre has opened at Ennerdale Mill in Egremont, Cumbria.

Let’s Go Walkies and Daycare has been opened at by successful dog walker, Hannah Eldon, who wanted to expand her business.

The centre features soft play sets, a ball pit, a mini trampoline, and a play castle with a mini slide. In addition, there are sofas and armchairs, as well as wooden dog pens, a teepee pen, and a puppy pen.

In the outside area, there are agility aids, ramps, a see-saw, jumps, and water pools.

In addition, there is an on-site dog groomer called The Dog Barber.

Eldon told The Cumberland News: “I couldn’t have set it all up in the amount of time I did without the help of Amy Wilson, who owns Scallywagz Pet Services. She has been an incredible support, and we’ve learned lots of news skills together and throughout the process.

“We built the wooden pens and did the fences ourselves. The only thing we didn’t do was lay the new flooring. The pens might have started slightly wonky but it was nothing we couldn’t fix without a few laughs and tears.”

After Christmas, Eldon hopes to build a sand pit for the dogs to play in and create a cover for the outdoor area so the dogs can enjoy being outside without getting soaked in the Cumbrian weather.

The centre currently accommodates 13 dogs each day.

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