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Plans for Ipswich grooming salon approved

A dog grooming salon is set to open in Ipswich, Suffolk, after the council gave permission for a domestic garage to be converted.

Applicant and homeowner Christopher Bullard submitted plans to the council, requesting permission to run the business from part of his garage in Monmouth Close during the week from 8.30am to 6pm.

Bullard’s application said that at full capacity, the business would see four pets a day. This would mean there could be two customers at the property at any one time and that 15 minutes would be left between appointments to mitigate cross over.

The property has five car parking spaces, two of these would be allocated to customers, who would be advised to wait in their vehicles until their dogs were ready to be collected.

The plans attracted several objections about additional traffic and noise from dogs.

However, Ipswich Borough Council gave this proposal the green light, but stipulated that the Bullards must adhere to the parking plan they submitted. The council also said that half an hour should be left between appointments, meaning that the Bullards can serve four customers a day in two-hour slots.

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