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Petpals Richmond launches swimming club

Petpals Richmond has introduced a new Doggie Swim Club offering aquatic play and exercise.

Franchisee Jean Wilson launched her Petpals Richmond business in 2010 and decided to go ahead with the new initiative to offer her clients new and exclusive services.

The Doggie Swim Club is designed for dogs to enjoy the water in a safe, controlled environment.

It can also be used as a facility to teach dogs about water and training, for example, recall using toys or their ball.

Group events can also take place for dogs training in agility or to ensure show dogs are in tip-top condition for the ring or event.

Wilson said: “It’s a fun way to exercise and teach puppies to swim and, on hot days, it’s a cool way to play fetch.

“Since starting the Doggie Swimming Club, I have seen huge improvements in the fitness and water confidence of our clients’ dogs.

“The pool has been great for dogs who may be overweight – one-minute swimming is equivalent to around four minutes of running – and we’ve even had dogs who were tentative swimmers become pool pros!”


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