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Pet Care Franchise Association recognised by City of London

The Pet Care Franchise Association (PCFA) has gained further influence in establishing national standards for the franchised petcare sector after being recognised by the City of London.

Launched last year, the PCFA focuses on animal welfare standards specifically for home boarding services.

David Gray, Brand Development Manager at Petpals, said: “The PCFA’s recognition with City of London in establishing a Primary Authority partnership will significantly bolster our efforts to influence consistency and higher standards working with local authorities.

“It provides us with a stronger platform to advocate for and shape regulatory change that prioritise animal welfare in the pet-care industry, solidifying our position as a respected body and enabling us to work closely with local authorities to implement the highest possible standards of care.”

He added: “Many people are boarding without licences, boarding pets without training or support or operating as self-employed for countries outside the UK. We aim to reduce these inconsistencies, cut the red tape and put the focus back on animal welfare.”

Following its focus on home boarding, the PCFA will turn its attention to dog walking and public safety.

Gray said: “While home boarding has been our initial focus, we recognise the importance of ensuring the wellbeing of pets extends to all aspects of their care.”

“By addressing dog walking and public safety, we aim to continue to raise standards, enhance training and promote responsible practices within the industry. Our goal is to create a safer environment for both dogs and the public while reinforcing the reputation of petcare services as reliable and trustworthy.”

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