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Pedigree Wholesale unveils BarkBone dog chews

Pedigree Wholesale has introduced the new-look Pet Qwerks nylon dog chews which feature new flavours and packaging.

Pet Qwerks nylon chews are designed to suit a dog’s natural instinct to chew while aiming to appeal to their senses of smell and taste.

The chews are made using a propriety moulding process in the USA, containing irresistible flavours infused to the core, which are released alongside their scents as the dog chews.

The BarkBone Stick comes in Peanut Butter and Mint flavours and is available in small, medium, and extra-large sizes.

It is designed with four extended knobbles for a good grip, while the Mint flavour is infused with human-grade ingredients that help promote dental health and freshen breath.

In addition, the Dinosaur BarkBone is available in three flavours: Peanut Butter, Bacon and Steak, all are available in small, medium and large sizes.

They are made with real wood, suitable for moderate to gentle chewers.

Finally, the BarkBone Original is available in a bacon flavour and comes in medium and large sizes.

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