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Papplewick dog walking field set to open

Nottinghamshire-based Papplewick Paws Secure Dog Field is preparing to open on 5 February.

Farmer Ben Cundy was given permission last year to develop the area of land off Blidworth Waye, which is currently used for agriculture. 

The facility is an acre-and-a-half in size, surrounded by two-metre high secure fencing, and provides car parking facilities.

Cundy told the Hucknall Dispatch: “People want a good space to exercise their dogs and this is a safe space, more importantly, and I think that’s why it’s hit off so well with people. 

“There’s nothing around apart from the road next to it and there’s activities for the dogs in there too. There’s three large tractor tyres, some logs from tree that fell over and some agility poles. I’m going to build on that, as time goes on and get what people require.”

Papplewick Paws Secure Dog Field currently charges £10 an hour for one dog and a further £2 for each extra dog after that. 

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