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Over nine in ten want support shock collar ban

More than nine in ten people believe the UK Government should urgently ban the use of shock collars in England, according to a new poll from the RSPCA.

Ninety-three per cent of people believe the UK Government should ban the use of shock collars on cats and dogs – 72% of whom completely agree, and 21% somewhat agree.

The poll’s publication follows fears that ministers could be set to U-turn on a promise to outlaw the use of the devices on cats and dogs in England.

Esme Wheeler, dog welfare expert, said: “This groundbreaking poll highlights that the public do not want to see dangerous shock collars being used in England.

“And with good reason – these devices can cause pain and fear to our pets; and are completely unnecessary as long-term behavioural change can instead be achieved using positive reward-based training.”

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