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Nova Dog Chews introduces Bone Broth and Sauce ranges

Nova Dog Chews, a manufacturer of dog chews and treats, has launched Bone Broth and Sauce ranges.

The products are 100% natural and provide a means to boost pets’ hydration and enrichment. The products are rich in collagen, chondroitin and glucosamine, which aid lubrication and reduce inflammation in joints, promote glossy fur, soft skin and strong nails.

The Sauce range, which comes in 100ml pouches, is available in four flavours: Duck, Lamb, Chicken and Beef.

The company says the sauces can be used as a topper, can be added to homemade treats and lick mats, making them a healthy snack. The Sauce range retails at £2.50.

The Bone Broth range, which is available in 230ml pouches, comes in four flavours: Moose, Duck, Chicken and Beef. The range is cooked for at least 12 hours to separate the useful parts of the bone (collagen) and enabling the removal of fat, making the broth low in calories with zero fat.

Bone Broth is great to increase pets’ fluid levels especially on hot days. Broth can be put into dry, wet or raw food, and can be frozen to create cooling treats. The Bone Broth range retails at £3.60 for Chicken and Beef and £3.99 for Moose and Duck.

Antoon Murphy, Joint Managing Director at Nova Dog Chews, said: “The products offer significant health benefits and come in four tasty flavours. Ideal for fussy eaters or dogs who don’t drink enough water.”

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