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Merseyside dog walkers warned over poisonous blocks on beach

Dog walkers are being warned about poisonous material washed up on the Merseyside coast.

It is being reported that palm oil has washed up, with one dog eating it while on a walk.

Usually, the vegetable oil has a laxative effect on dogs but if a dog consumes enough it can prove fatal.

One dog owner posted on community forumn Formby Bubble: “Our dog ate palm oil on Hightown beach this morning. Please can dog walkers be aware.”

In addition, Hightown Village Facebook page posted: “Please watch your pets along the coast high tides and strong winds have deposited more palm oil along our coast. Can I ask any solo pickers to please remove if found?”

A spokesperson for Green Sefton, who manage Sefton’s coast, countryside, parks and open spaces with the support of local partners and volunteers, previously told the Liverpool Echo: “Unfortunately, palm oil debris is occasionally found along the Sefton coastline, washed up by the tide. It is harmless to humans, but it can be fatal to dogs if eaten. Dogs can be attracted to the smell of palm oil, so pet owners are advised to lookout for anything out of the ordinary when walking their dog on the coast, especially around tidelines.

“Pet owners should keep their dogs under close control on the beach, especially along the tideline, although the material can appear elsewhere on the beach after a high tide. Anyone who discovers palm oil along the Sefton coast is encouraged to report it to the Council’s Contact Centre on 0345 140 0845 and to the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60.”

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