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Immingham salon closes due to soaring energy prices

Hair of the Dog on Pelham Road in Immingham, Lincolnshire, has been forced to close due to its energy bills tripling.

Owners Karen Christie and Rachel Harris have run the salon for more than five years.

Christie told the Grimsby Telegraph: “With the current climate we can’t move forward. We just keep digging a bigger and bigger hole that we can’t get out of.

“With everything going up and our electricity tripling, it’s not feasible to keep the business going. Prices on everything have already gone up and they’re set to go up again so we’re cutting our losses and selling what we can and moving on.”

She added: “We’ve already put our prices up twice to try and cover the costs, but we can’t keep doing that to the customers. We had people booking appointments and not turning up or cancelling because they couldn’t afford them.

“We also noticed some were leaving it longer between treatments to spread the cost. It’s affecting everyone for sure, but we had to find the money still and we had nothing left at the end of the month for ourselves, in the end we had to make the decision.”

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