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Grimsby pet shop to offer grooming and training services

Grimsby pet shop Pawsome Rawsome is expanding to offer grooming and training services.

Co-owners Julie Klug and Tash Wright have opened the Pawsome Empawrium next door to the pet shop where dog owners will be able to wash their pets, have them professionally groomed, and there will also be separate training classes set up throughout the week.

Wright told the Grimsby Telegraph: “We wanted to create a space for people to use and, despite everything, we just wanted to go for it. We’re hoping we’ll be able to teach dog first aid in the training centre in time too.”

Klug added: “This is the biggest change we’ve ever made to the business, but when the company next door moved out we saw it as a chance to expand. When it opens, the Pawsome Empawrium will have different opening times to the shop, but we’re hoping to have it open later and on weekends to get the most of it.”

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