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Hundreds of dogs poisoned by discarded cannabis joints and gummies, data reveals

Hundreds of dogs have been poisoned after eating discarded cannabis joints or edible marijuana products found on walks or in users’ stashes at home, new data reveals.

Figures from the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) show that more than 450 dogs have been treated in the past four years, but the real figure could be higher because many cases go unreported.

The data shows there were 119 cases of canine cannabis poisoning last year, compared with 82 in 2020.

Around one case in seven is thought to involve ‘gummies’ – sweets infused with cannabis that are popular with teenagers and often bought from online dealers.

The RSPCA told Mail Online: β€œThe dangers of a dog consuming cannabis include over-stimulation and high temperature – they may require intravenous fluids. It is vital the dog is taken to a vet immediately.”

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