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Hownd unveils new recipe for dogs with food intolerances 

Hownd, the brand of cruelty-free certified plant-based products for dogs, has extended its range with Delicious Pumpkin, Quinoa & Moringa Superfood.  

The new recipe contains pumpkin – a digestive reset ingredient for dogs with upset stomachs, recovering from illness or those who have lost interest in their current food – as well as quinoa, sweet potato, cranberry, and algae-based Phytodroitin – a vegan supplement to support joints through all life stages. 

Delicious Pumpkin Quinoa & Moringa is designed for dogs with food allergies and intolerances. The recipe is high in protein, low in fat and purines, and free from soya, wheat, meat, diary, fish, diary, and GMO ingredients. 

Jo Amit, Product Director, said: “Our mission was to create a new complete superfood option that was not only directed at gut health but would also taste great. The our taste and digestibility trials have been hugely successful.” 

The new vet-approved and nutritionally complete flavour is available in 2kg (£15.39) and 10kg (£65.99) sizes and comes in improved fully recyclable packaging. 

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