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Hospitality and tourism sector urged to adapt to dog-friendly travel demands

The University of Surrey’s research team is urging tourism providers to seize the opportunities offered by the thriving dog-friendly travel market.

A Surrey team of researchers has uncovered the potential of the growing dog-friendly travel market, which is estimated to be worth $50.1bn by 2030.

The research finds that owners believe that travelling with their dogs enhances the dogs’ wellbeing and happiness, and this had the most substantial positive impact on their intention to travel.

In addition, it reveals that although the perceived risks did not affect the dog owners’ intentions to travel with their dogs, they did have a direct, negative impact on the ultimate decision to travel with their dogs. These risks include concerns about potential problems with transportation, accommodation, and activities while travelling with dogs.

Lori Hoy, PhD Researcher and Lead Author of the study at the University of Surrey, said: “Understanding what influences the decision-making process of people who want to travel with their dogs will enable destinations, accommodation providers, attractions, and transport suppliers to offer tailored, dog-friendly services and communication channels that resonate with this audience.

“We advise tourism providers to provide clear, easily accessible information about their dog-friendly offerings, alleviate concerns, and communicate how the travel experience will be enjoyable for both dogs and people.”

The full study has been published in the Journal of Vacation Marketing.

Meanwhile, plans have been submitted for a 400-lodge holiday resort near Newquay, Cornwall. The plans include a dog walking area.

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