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Hackney launches consultation to limit amount of dogs walked

Hackney council is to launch a consultation on whether to increase measures in its current PSPO, including introducing a four-dogs walking limit in the area.

Placing a limit on the number of dogs walked would affect areas such as Hackney Marshes where an increasing number of professional dog walkers choose to use.

The current PSPO is due to expire in March 2024, but the council is seeking residents’ views on whether to extend it and make amendments to it, following “a large amount of correspondence relating to the behaviour of dogs in the borough”, according to its statement.

The council’s cabinet heard that some residents are “nervous” about the large numbers of dogs in Hackney’s parks and green spaces, with some requesting more dog-free areas, others more dogs on leads, while some dog owners have called for fenced-off areas to exercise their dogs in.

According to the meeting’s minutes, “it is very difficult for professional dog walkers to be in control of high numbers of dogs at any one time”.

Additional measures could include fines for people who fail to clear up dog faeces, exercise dogs in banned areas, do not keep them on a lead in lead-only areas, or do not keep them under control.


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