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Frozzys launches gut-boosting treats range

Frozzys has released a new range of soft baked treats with health benefits.

Frozzys Happy Gut Softbakes, which are 100% naturally nutritious, grain free, and low-calorie, are boosted with Baobab – one of the world’s most nutrient rich superfruits – to support canine gut health. Baobab promotes a healthy gut and overall wellness.

The new range consists of four functional flavours: Minty Fresh, Fussy Eaters, Plant Based, and Skin & Coat.

The brand said: “Frozzys takes great pride in providing pets with innovative and healthy treats that benefit their overall wellness. The entire range of natural treats have been developed to support digestive health and supporting maintaining a healthy weight.

“With gut health central to all Frozzys treats, Frozzys aims to support a long and healthy life for our furry friends, develop good food – inside and out and use natural ingredients.”

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