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Fresh petition calls for American Bully XL ban after kennel dog death

A couple whose dog died while in the care of dog boarders by an American Bully XL has launched a petition asking for the breed to be banned in the UK.

Ellie Jayne Moon and her partner left their 12-year-old cocker spaniel called Marley at a dog boarding company before leaving on holiday in July 2022.

According to the couple’s social media account, on 28 July, another customer left the gate open between two enclosures leading to an American Bully XL escape into the area where Marley was kept and attack him.

The attack reportedly lasted for one minute and 40 seconds, leading to “extensive and multiple wounds to his neck, head and ears”.

The dog was rushed to the vets, however, he suffered a large volume pneumothorax, but he was deemed not strong enough to undergo the treatment needed. The vets advised the couple that the kindest thing to do would be to put Marley down.

Moon’s social media statement says Barnsley Council did shut down the boarding business briefly “for extra fences to be installed and procedures to be put in place”, but the business is now operating under a different name.

However, a spokesman for the council told the Daily Record: “While we found no evidence at the time that the attack could have been anticipated by the licensee, we will always investigate these sorts of incidents and take any necessary action.”

Meanwhile, a South Yorkshire Police spokesperson, said: “It is understood that an American XL bulldog attacked a cocker spaniel, causing significant injuries. The bulldog is then reported to have bitten the kennels owner causing injury. A community resolution was agreed with the kennels’ owner.”

The couple subsequently launched a petition on, which reads: “Too many people and animals suffer the consequences of this particular breed. These dogs were specifically bred to be aggressive, assertive, fighting dogs, not family pets.

“So I am asking you to help me by signing this petition to have American Bulldogs XL put on the banned breed list for justice for our boy Marley and everyone else who has suffered a loss due to this breed of dog.”


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  • Sam millinchip

    We have had too many deaths, injuries and maulings to humans and animals from this one particular breed to ignore the fact that these dogs are dangerous, especially in the wrong hands. They are too powerful to control when they attack and have caused injuries and deaths to increase hugely. Figures speak for themselves. Stop letting innocent babies die for the sake of not upsetting dog owners and breeders who, very often, only own these dogs as a status symbol or a way to make some profit. No more deaths!

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