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Edgard & Cooper partners with Deliciously Ella

Edgard & Cooper has launched a new range of dog food lines in partnership with plant-based food and wellness platform Deliciously Ella. 

The recipes are designed to enable dog owners to build a flexitarian diet for their pets by introducing more fruit and veg into dogs’ diets. 

The range consists of kibble in small and large sizes and two dental stick lines Beetroot & Pumpkin Dry Kibble (RRP £9.99–£53.49); Carrot & Courgette Dry Kibble (RRP £9.99–£53.49); Doggy Dental Mint and Strawberry (RRP £3.39–£4.99); and Doggy Dental Apple and Eucalyptus, (RRP £3.39–£4.99). 

Louis Chalabi, Founder of Edgard & Cooper, said: “We’re thrilled to be working with Deliciously Ella to raise awareness about the amazing benefits a flexitarian approach to your dog’s diets can have.

“As well as the dietary benefits, adding plant-based food into dogs’ diets lowers their environmental impact, emitting 43% fewer carbon dioxide equivalent emissions compared to meat-based recipes, making them a sustainable choice for both dogs and the planet.” 

Ella Mills, Founder of Deliciously Ella, added: “Edgard & Cooper is my dog’s absolute favourite for plant-based goodness, giving him the complete nutrients he needs while lowering his carbon footprint along the way.” 

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