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Eden Holistic Pet Foods adds Gourmet range

Eden Holistic Pet Foods has extended its range with a wet food line featuring gourmet ingredients. 

The company says the Gourmet Range uses a bespoke cooking process to produce a high percentage of freshly prepared highly digestible proteins created with a natural enzyme to create perfect-sized peptides, which help increase the bio-availability of the proteins, so pets can efficiently use the nutrients. 

Eden said: “We constantly strive to create recipes which provide optimum nutrition for our incredible canine companions. All our naturally complete kibbles are formulated with everything our dogs require to thrive. However, this is of little value if our dogs are not interested in eating their food. So, we have made it our mission to produce a meal which is not only nutritious, but tastes absolutely delicious.  

“We carefully select freshly prepared meat, fruit, vegetables and botanicals and combine them in a unique steam cooking process, creating a full-flavoured, tasty gourmet dining experience.” 

The range is available in Duck & Herring, Goose & Turkey and Salmon & Pheasant recipes, in 2kg bags. 

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