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DotDotPet launches new range of shampoos

DotDotPet, a new eco conscious wellness and lifestyle brand, is to launch its new range of shampoos for dogs. 

The range of pet shampoos has been developed by a team of experts from the fragrance and cosmetic industries and designed to be kind to pets.  

Each formula features a pet preferred scent to help reduce anxiety and a prebio to promote a healthy skin and coat.  

The formulation is vegan and contains no nasties, making it kind to sensitive skin.

The range, which is designed to suit different life stages and types of coat, includes: Curly Coat Conditioning Dog Shampoo, Long Coat Conditioning Dog Shampoo, Double Coat Conditioning Dog Shampoo, Short Coat Conditioning Dog Shampoo, and Puppy Conditioning Shampoo DotDotDog.  

The shampoos, which are available in an innovative easy to use no drip bottle, retail at £13.99. 

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