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Dorwest Herbs makes biggest ever donation to charities

Herbal pet care brand Dorwest Herbs has made its biggest donation ever this year of £9,000 to charities through the Dorwest Foundation.

Launched as part of the 70th anniversary celebrations to show commitment to charitable giving, The Dorwest Foundation helps dogs and cats that need care, health and quality of life improvement as well as supporting dogs that are trained to help humans either in assistance, rescue or medical capacity.

The brand said it donates to established animal welfare charities on an annual basis through the sales of special foundation products, Keeper’s Mix & Keeper’s Mix Sensitive, with 10% of profit from every sale donated.

This year, it also donated to Galgos Del Sol, a charity in Spain and the UK; Ferne Animal Sanctuary; The Pack Project; StreetVet; and Pawsome Pensions (NFRSA).



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