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Dog training club launches free video series to help American XL Bully owners

Members of a 300-strong dog training club have created free online video resources to help XL Bully owners ahead of the ban on the breed.

Club Dogwood, run by IMDT trainer Katie Guastapaglia, is running a series covering topics from muzzle training to positive reinforcement methods to ensure stress-free walks.

Guastapaglia has also offered to write a letter to confirm owners have attended the classes, in case they need to make a case for responsible dog ownership.

Speaking about the ban, she said: “This news does not mean you will lose your dogs. You can apply for an exemption to legally keep your pets.

“Do everything you can to now in the weeks leading up to the ban taking effect to make sure your dogs are well-behaved members of the community: train them to be perfectly happy wearing a muzzle, to be calm on walks and when visitors come to your house – this takes time, but at the moment you do have time on your side.”

The Bully Love online series is available to access for free on the Dogwood Adventure Play website.

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