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Dog park opens in Sheerness

– 27 July – Kent Online

An 8,000sq ft enclosed dog park has opened in Sheerness, Kent.

Happy Paws Pet Services, located on New Road, offers sessions lasting half an hour or an hour.

As well as catering for people who want to take their dogs for solo or group walks, trainers can also use the venue for classes.

The facility features a parking area, agility equipment, toys, a waste bin, and a drinking water dispenser.

Co-owner Tuesday Charlton told Kent Online: “We’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of bookings and support we’ve had thus far as we have been completely blown up with people contacting us.

“I’ve also gone from a normal 9-5 office job realising it wasn’t for me, to looking at the bond I have with my own dog who has been with me for six years, and falling in love with dogs everywhere.

“Not all dogs are sociable and have particularly good recall, so we wanted to create a safe, enclosed field for them to play, train and exercise in.

“That includes those enquiring for personal hire – so a normal house owner wanting to take their dog for a runabout – or people conducting dog classes, either one-to-one or in groups, so that’s been brilliant.

“There’s nothing like this in Sheerness that I’m aware of having done research and I think that’s why we have had a lot of people reach out already.

“I think a lot of people got dogs around the pandemic and some of those aren’t 100% able to exercise them if they’re older or struggling with their health.

The facility charges £5 for a 30-minute visit and £7 for one hour.

Customers can also book 10 block sessions of 30 and 60 minutes for £40 and £60, respectively.

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