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Darlington council asks dog walkers to help tackle overflowing bins with app

Darlington Borough Council is asking dog walkers to help tackle overflowing dog waste bins with an app.

Now a new ‘Report a bin’ feature on the My Darlington app allows dog walkers to let the council know straight away it they spot a dog bin that needs emptying when they are out and about.

Users just need to go on the app, click the ‘report a problem’ button, then choose ‘report a bin’ from the drop-down menu. This will aenable users to pinpoint where the bin is on a map and upload a photo. The information is then sent straight to the council’s Street Scene team who will investigate and sort the problem. If the bin is not already due to be emptied, a request will be made for it to be added to the team’s schedule.

There are about 280 dog waste bins and more than 800 general rubbish bins across Darlington’s borough.

Councillor Andy Keir, Cabinet Member for local services, said: “Our Street Scene staff work hard to ensure all our dog waste and general rubbish bins are emptied on a regular basis. However, in some popular dog walking areas they do fill up more quickly and we know it can be unsightly to see a full or overflowing bin.

“That’s why we’ve added this new feature to the My Darlington app, so people can tell us where there is a problem straight away and we can then ensure it is dealt with more quickly.

“Cleaning up after your dog is a legal requirement and we’re currently reminding dog owners and walkers to make sure they pick up after their pets in our Bag It, Bin It initiative. Please do use the dog waste bins provided. If they are full, remember you can use any bin or even your own household bin, and do please let us know using the online form via the app.”

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