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Cyril Hart Arboretum introduces rule for dog walkers

Forestry England is asking dog walkers to keep pets on a lead at the Cyril Hart Arboretum in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, to reduce dog-related incidents.

The Cyril Hart Arboretum is home to more than 200 tree species brought back to the UK by Victorian plant hunter Ernest Wilson from his 1910 explorations of China.

Rangers caring for the arboretum have reported an increase in dog-related issues, including faeces not being picked up and attacks by loose dogs, as a result Forestry England is asking dog walkers to use a lead.

Forestry England said: “Our main aim is to protect the Arboretum and the trees that make it so special, whilst also creating a space where everyone feels safe to visit.”

The new rule only applies to the arboretum and dogs are allowed to be let of leads elsewhere in the Forest of Dean.

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