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Campaign urges dog walkers to ‘flick a poo’

A new campaign is encouraging dog walkers to consider the impact of using poo bags on the environment.

Dog owner Carina Evans’ ‘Flick a Poo’ campaign instead encourages dog walkers in the countryside to push poo into shrubbery and overgrowth.

Evans told The Mirror: “I get plastic bags and I get the need for them in a town or urban area. What I’m trying to say is Flick A Poo because why in the countryside are we not just flicking it into hedgerows and under hedges, away from the footpath? What I see all the time, is plastic bags hung on branches and leaves and gate posts.

“Why go to the trouble of bending down and picking up ****t and then putting it in a plastic bag to then leave it for us who live in the countryside. Those who take the bags with them to be put in a bin are not the problem, it’s the people who leave bags believing they’ll biodegrade that are damaging the countryside.”

Evans is hoping organisations like the Woodland Trust, Countryside Alliance, or National Trust might back her campaign.

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