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Pawfect Bags for perfect walks

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It isn’t every day you hear positive stories about dog poo, but Pawfect Bags has the solution to a very old problem.

British-made by a dog owner, these waterproof dog bags come with two large pockets – one to carry clean items and another one to store soiled bags in.

“As a dog owner myself, I have always cleaned up after my dog, but there is a serious lack of poo bins around the country and it can get annoying having to carry a full poo bag while walking for miles,” founder Nick Avery says.

“I am on a mission to conquer the dog poo issue in a positive way that is simple, easy, and affordable.”

The two pockets in Pawfect Bags can be removed, washed, dried and replaced.

The bags come in seven different colours, with all of them except for camouflage, being available with or without pawprints.

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