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Almost 40% of UK couples plan to have dogs at their weddings

Almost three-quarters (71%) of dog owners would rather invite their dogs to their wedding than their friends and family, new research reveals.

The study of 1,000 engaged or recently married dog owners in the UK from shows 37% plan to have their four-legged friend at their wedding ceremony.

The top ten ways couples include dogs in their wedding: in official photographs (53%), walking down the aisle (37%), ringbearer (29%), flower pup (28%), pup-of-honour/maid of honour (18%), involve them in the meal (13%), include pet-related items on gift registry (12%), best man (9%), speeches (9%), and dancing with them/first dance (9%).

Many said they would happily go the extra mile for their four-legged friends, whether it’s offering a specific menu for the dogs in attendance (28%), serving ‘pawsecco’ (22%), or creating a dog-friendly space for when the celebrations get too much (50%).

A third (33%) of respondents said that a dog-friendly wedding venue was a priority for them. While 45% bought their canine companion a new outfit especially for the occasion – forking out £61.76 on average to ensure they look the part.

Meanwhile, 64% of respondents intend to include their dogs in the official family photographs and 32% want their pets to feature in candid shots throughout the day.

Almost half (43%) of those already married even said they regret not having their dog with them on their wedding day. However, for many the decision was out of their hands due to their venue not allowing pets (29%).

Adem Fehmi, Rover’s Canine Behaviourist, said: “Our dogs are much-loved family members, and so it is only natural that we should want to include them in one of the most memorable days of our lives. Dogs embody love, fun and affection – qualities that are truly synonymous with weddings.

“Not to mention they are often adored mutually by their owners. So having them present can help bring a couple closer and add an even more special and poignant element to the occasion.”

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