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Vet issues warning on artificial grass’s dangers to dogs

A vet at Joii Pet Care has issued a reminder to dog owners on the risks posed by artificial grass during the heatwave.

Dr Samantha Webster warned that artificial grass can burn pets’ paws as it can heat up quickly under the sun.

She told The Sun:  “One very common danger for cats and dogs alike in summer is hot surfaces, which can quickly result in sore and burnt paws.

“To test the temperature of the surface they are likely to walk on, try holding the back of your hand against it for at least seven seconds – if it is too hot for your hand, it is too hot for your furry companions.

“It is really important to note that if you have artificial grass in your garden, this will heat up very quickly if under direct sunlight and so should be treated with the same caution as with pavement.”

She also explained that certain breeds are more at risk of developing sunstroke than others, such as flat-faced dogs.

“Unlike humans who can sweat from just about anywhere on the body, dogs are only able to sweat through their paws.

“To keep cool, they expel heat by panting but as temperatures begin to rise, it becomes harder for the dog to cool down by panting as they are drawing in warmer air than they are releasing.

“Your dog is most at risk of sunstroke when exercising on hot days. If your dog is experiencing sunstroke, there are some clear tell-tale signs to look out for.

“These include excessive panting, drooling, bright red gums, shaking and vomiting,” she added.

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