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Vegan diet could improve behavioural and skin issues

Dogs fed a vegan diet could be less prone to skin, gastrointestinal, and behavioural issues, new research reveals.

The study, commissioned by plant-based pet food brand Omni and published in the peer-reviewed journal Archives of Clinical and Biomedical Research, reveals around a quarter of owners whose dog had switched to a plant-based diet saw signs of their animals aggression decreasing and a number of people reported less anxiety in their pets. In addition, more than half said that their dog’s fur appeared to be more glossy.

The study found that 90% of dogs who had previously suffered from gastrointestinal issues had better stool consistency when they switched to a plant-based diet. It also found that 70% of those with dandruff saw an improvement in the condition.

The study’s authors said that, while promising, the results should be confirmed by more extensive studies with more animals.

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