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UK’s most dog-friendly cities revealed

London is the UK’s most dog-friendly place, new research reveals.

The study by luxury British pet brand, Lords and Labradors, compared several ‘dog-friendly’ factors in 48 UK towns and cities. Places were scored on the number of dog walkers and sitters, dog groomers, green spaces and parks, local pet shops, vets that treat dogs , dog-friendly restaurants and cafes, and dog-friendly shops.

London took the top spot on the list with 3,000 parks and green spaces in the city, as well as an abundance of dog-friendly restaurants and cafes, the capital scored a 99% dog-friendly rating with 331 points.

Other cities in the top 10 were: York (291.5 – 87%), Glasgow (288.5 – 86%), Manchester (286.5 – 85%), Cambridge (279.5 – 83%), Derby (277.5 – 83%), Leicester (274 – 82%), Nottingham (262 – 78%), Bristol (253 – 75%), and Gloucester (250 – 74%).

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