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UK set to mark Don’t Walk Your Dog Day

Dog trainer Niki French has launched Don’t Walk Your Dog Day, which takes place tomorrow (2 April).

Don’t Walk Your Dog Day is being held in Stress Awareness Month for anyone that has a dog that struggles in public places.

French said: “There are so many reasons why you might not want to or be able to walk your dog. I really wanted to get people talking about it. Having a range of activities that we can do with our dogs, other than just taking them for a walk is so useful.

“I also wanted people to be able to share how their walks aren’t always positive. And how this makes them feel. I think that knowing that you’re not the only one who has a dog that might struggle on walks can help.”

French is encouraging people to get involved in the day by:

  • Sharing a favourite photo of your dog with #dontwalkyourdogday
  • Sharing an experience that you’ve had on a walk that wasn’t completely positive with #dontwalkyourdogday
  • Posting an activity your dog likes to do without leaving home with #dontwalkyourdogday
  • And joining her for a home games and enrichment session at 12pm on Facebook (, where she will demonstrate a few activities that can be done instead of walking.

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