A collage of the new items, including pillows, beds, slow feeders and a pack of pill pockets
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Trixie reveals new dog products

Trixie has unveiled a range of new dog items, including orthopaedic pillows, slow feeders, snuggly beds, and pill pockets.

The brand’s new orthopaedic product, called Vital Places to Lie forms part of the Eliano series, boasting visco-elastic foam that adapts to the body shape of the pet, which in turn is expected to relieve pressure-sensitive areas.

The padding also helps prevent painful pressure sores.

What’s more, the new Snuggling Dog Benny is made of soft plush for a calming effect on dogs when owners are away.

Benny can be used as a soft place to lie down and/or a cuddly friend to snuggle and play with. It can be washed at 30 °C. 

In addition, Trixie has rolled out new slow feeders, along with pill pockets to help dogs take their medication more easily.

“The soft consistency of the snack allows the opening to be closed easily and the medication is no longer visible. Dogs get a tasty snack in between meals and take their tablet at the same time,” the company said.


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