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Trafford Council issues urgent bird flu warning to dog walkers

Trafford Council has issued an urgent warning to dog walkers following an outbreak of bird flu.

The council is urging dog walkers and those using outside water venues to be alert following the Avian Flu outbreak.

It tweeted: “No new bird deaths have been reported but people should still keep dogs on leads and not touch sick or dead wild birds.”

The council has implemented precautionary measures including new signage at Sale Water Park -where most of the birds have been recovered – urging dog walkers to keep pets on a lead at all times and for people to stick to designated pathways.

In addition, the council shared the Animal and Plant Health Agency’s warning that bird flu had been detected in the area. It encourages people to be vigilant with their pets and make sure dogs remain on leads and on a footpath, away from potential dead birds that could carry the virus.

Trafford’s Director of Public Health, Dr Eleanor Roaf, said: “Unfortunately, we are seeing many cases of avian flu in wild birds across the UK at the moment. Although the risk to humans is low, we are very keen to stop this from spreading either to people, or to farmed or domestic birds.”

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