Too much Valentine’s Day love for our dogs?

By Eva Oliversson, Certified Dog Trainer and Behaviourist and Founder of the Swedish International Gulahund Yellowdog programme

With Valentine’s Day around the corner it is interesting to think about whether we love our dogs too much. At Yellow Dog we are always talking about dogs needing their space.

Perhaps too many cuddles, too many treats or snacks from the table, too many gentle chats after bad behaviour can lead to slight over-love situations and this can result in our dogs possibly taking advantage of us.

It is important to keep that balance between love and understanding that we must still be the master to enable our dogs to know their boundaries and live their best lives with us.  

Of course, there is nothing wrong with loving our dogs lots, but not to the extent that we make excuses or do not correct them when they do wrong.

Many vets have even warned that treating our pets too much like humans is indeed bad for their health.

Some people may tend to overindulge with dog outfits, jumpers, hats, scarves even doggy perfume and hair bows and prams. Experts are pointing out that this can even confuse our dogs’ ability to regulate their temperature, impede their movements and overall negatively affect their behaviour. 

There is also the psychological issue of some people maybe choosing to focus too much on their pets, rather than other people, putting their pets on an unrealistic pedestal and potentially limiting their human interaction.

Everything in moderation we think; it is a joy in life to love your pets but understanding the limits and loving lots but just not overindulging.

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