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Third of UK’s dogs are fussy eaters

Almost 40% of dog owners describe their pet as a ‘fussy eater’, new research reveals.

The study, commissioned by Butternut Box, shows that 17% of pet owners said their animals won’t think twice about turning their nose up at what they’re served, with 11% consistently refusing to eat their food.

In addition, 30% of dogs tend to show more interest in what their owners are having for dinner than their own. As a result, 61% of owners feed their pets human food at least once a week. The research shows one in four owners admit they feel guilt-tripped into sharing their meals, but 23% do so because they believe fresh, human-quality food is better for their dog.

The research reveals that price is the deciding factor for 45% of owners when choosing which dog food to buy, while 13% are swayed by the packaging alone.

Dr Ciara Clarke, Butternut Box’s In-house Vet, said: “It’s important that dog parents have a good understanding about what their dogs need from their diet and what to feed them, ensuring they have the correct portion sizes and the right balance of nutrients for all life stages too.”

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