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Supreme Petfoods introduces Tiny Friends Farm dog treats

Supreme Petfoods has inaugurated its foray into the dog category with a new line of Tiny Friends Farm dog treats.

The pet nutrition specialist has marked the milestone by adding Dolly Dog Tasty Bones, Dolly Dog Crunchy Cookies, Danny Doggy Donuts and Danny Dog Yummy Sticks, to its small pet food Tiny Friends Farm range.

Claire Hamblion, Marketing Director at Supreme Petfoods, said: “Pet owners use Tiny Friends Farm as their main small pet food for its price, availability and quality, but mostly because their pets love the food.

“We will be putting all our efforts into making Tiny Friends Farm as successful in the dog category as it is in small pet.”

Tiny Friends Farm Danny Dog Yummy Sticks and Dolly Dog Cruncy Cookies come in a 200-gram pack size with a recommended retail price of £1.39, Dolly Dog Tasty Bones come in a 160-gram pack with RRP £1.59, and Danny Dog Doggy Donuts come in a 200-gram pack size with RRP £1.59.

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