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St Helens grooming salon celebrates first year

Family business Signature Grooming in Parr in St Helens, Merseyside, is celebrating its first year in business. 

Owner Liz Partington renovated an empty property in Parr and launched the business with her sister Claire after a series of stressful jobs and the breakdown of her marriage. 

Partington told St Helens Star: “The past year has gone very, very quick and the difference in myself is amazing. 

“I feel so much better as I’m enjoying what I’m doing and we are getting a great response and a lot of people coming back, which shows we’re doing something right.” 

She added: “There does seem to be a really nice community where we know our clients on a first-name basis and they’re happy for us to come and pick their dogs up. 

“We are so grateful for their continued support because we wouldn’t be here without them.” 

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