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South London dog walker warns over meth issue

A dog walker from South London has issued a warning after a pet he looks after was found to have eaten poo containing meth amphetamines.

Chris Johnson, from Happy Hounds Crystal Palace, had been walking dogs in nearby South Norwood Lake when the incident occurred.

He said: “One of my clients’ large breed dog ate some poo yesterday from around South Norwood Lake that contained some meth. Had this been a small dog, the dog would have died instantly.

“Please be very vigilant walking your dogs around Norwood lakes as the fishermen etc regularly use the wooded area as a toilet.”

One local dog owner said their dog had suffered a similar incident: “My dog was taken to emergency vet two weeks ago.

“He ate a poo in Crystal Palace Park behind the bushes next to the stage where the small lake is. After two hours he couldn’t stand, walk, eat and he would keep crying. He spent the night at the hospital. He is a Golden Retriever so a large breed too.”

Last year a Nottingham vet has warned dog walkers to be vigilant after two pets became unwell after eating cannabis during a walk.

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