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Rosewood Pet adds to toys range

Rosewood Pet Products has introduced a new plush and interactive toys to its collection.

The company has added the My Dog luxury plush toy range, which provide playmates for anxious pooches. Featuring a range of characters to suit every pet personality, each toy has a secret compartment for owners to insert something with their scent on.

In addition, Rosewood Pet has added six new high-quality, versatile TPR rubber interactive toys by N-Gage that are designed to promote wellbeing, mindfulness and interactive play. These include toys that float for water play.

Three new interactive toys have been added to the Nina Ottosson collection to keep dogs busy and mentally stimulated: Multipuzzle, the three-in-one A Maze Ball, and Dog Rumble Puzzle.

Meanwhile, the brand’s new Double Wall Stainless Steel Bowls are chew-proof and made with a double-wall construction to prevent spills.

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