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Bill allowing pets in rented properties welcomed by industry

Pet charities have hailed the introduction of the Renters’ (Reform) Bill to Parliament, describing it as a “potential game-changer”.

The new bill features a number of policies designed to increase access to pet-friendly rental accommodation, including banning landlords from enforcing blanket ‘no pets’ bans on properties, giving tenants the legal right to request a pet and introducing an insurance requirement to mitigate against any risk of pet-related damage.

Not being able to find anywhere suitable to rent with pets is “one of the most common reasons people bring their animals to Battersea for rehoming”, the charity said.

Michael Webb, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Battersea, noted: “As the rental market becomes more competitive, we can only expect it is going to get even more common.

“Not only will the long-overdue introduction of this Bill to Parliament bring us one step closer to opening up the many joys of pet ownership to millions of renters, but it could also dramatically reduce the number of dogs and cats we see being needlessly separated from their owners due to widespread restrictive pet policies.”

Dogs Trust also said one in ten people contacting the charity cite issues with accommodation, such as being unable to find suitable rental accommodation.

Owen Sharp, Chief Executive of Dogs Trust, added: “The new measures introduced today are a potential gamechanger for responsible dog owners who rent.

“We’re receiving hundreds of calls each week from desperate owners forced to rehome their dogs due to a lack of pet-friendly accommodation. The measures announced today as part of the Renters (Reform) Bill will mean that many more dogs can stay living with their loving families.”

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