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Preston renews dog controls for another three years

Preston City Council has extended its PSPO for a further three years, with no changes made.

The measures mean dogs continue to have to be leashed when being walked along the road and also in a small number of the city’s green spaces, including Winckley Square Park and Miller Park.

Dog walkers will also have to comply with any order from a council officer to put their dog on a lead in any public space if it is deemed to be causing a nuisance.

Dogs will also be banned from children’s play spaces, multi-use games areas and some other facilities.

Meanwhile, dog walkers will have to clear up their dog’s faeces “forthwith” and “being unaware” of what their dog has done or “not having a device for or other suitable means of” removing the dirt will not be considered a reasonable excuse, according to the rules.

Preston City Council’s cabinet member for planning and regulatory David Borrow, said: “We know the majority of our dog owners are responsible, but these orders provide us with powers to take enforcement action for fouling, as well as providing areas where dogs should be on leads or are excluded for public health reasons or to safeguard wildlife in our nature reserves.

“These orders only last for three years and have to be reviewed. Following a public consultation and engagement with our stakeholders, the cabinet agreed to extend the orders for a further three years.”

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